Monday, December 1, 2008

Bring Your Own "Takeout Tiffin" Containers

When we are not at home for lunch...I love toting around my lunch tiffins and getting takeout in them. I love promoting zero-waste lunches and take-out. I encourage you all to bring your own containers next time you order take-out from your favorite place to eat for lunch or dinner. Bring your own cloth napkin and silverware too. Let's see if we can reduce waste one take-out meal at a time!!

The girls and I decided to the zoo. I went to our local Mexican take-out restaurant to pick up some rice and beans as a light meal. I asked them to fill my 2-tiered lunchbox with beans and cheese and rice. Packed my handy bamboo spork and cloth napkin and off we went.

I love the little plate for serving. My 3 year old loves it even more. My 1 year old and I ate the beans and rice straight out of the tins.

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