Sunday, December 7, 2008

El Salvadorian Take-out

I have challenged a few people to pledge zero-waste lunches on Facebook: Zero-Waste Lunch Pledge. One of the challenges I listed was to bring your own containers to take-out restaurants instead of using their throw-away containers. I have just started doing this myself with Mexican restaurants and I want to try other cuisines.

Living in San Diego, we have discovered El Salvadorian food. El Salvador's national dish are Pupusas. Pupusas are stuffed (cheese, meat, zucchini) corn flatbreads served with a pickled cabbage (Curtido). Delicious! I brought my stainless steel containers to El Salvadoreno. They were all too happy to pack my food in the stainless steel storage containers. I brought them home and enjoyed them with my family. I can honestly say there was zero-waste involved in that meal, we ate it all. I loved that there was no styrofoam to toss in the garbage!

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