Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trolley Barn Park

We headed to the Trolley Barn Park with our 4 tier tiffin yesterday.

I had my daughters' birthday party (1 party for the both of them) at Trolley Barn Park. It's a great park. In the summer they have Summer Music Concert Series. My 3 year old really loves this park as well. She has a Like-a-Bike that she loves to ride on the walkways that are given the names of San Diego streets in University Heights. If you are ever in San Diego and have kids, this is a great place for them burn off some energy: Trolley Barn Park

Here is a pic with my 1 year old holding the 4-tier tiffin.

For lunch we had Rice Mac-n-Cheese, A tofurky-vegenaise-lettuce sandwich for me, grapes and organic animal crackers and chocolate raisins.

Here is a picture I took of the tiffin before we headed to the park...more detail:

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