Monday, March 9, 2009

Winner of the Zero Waste Lunch Contest!

We finally have a winner for the Zero Waste Lunch Contest that was held on Facebook last month!

With 21 votes, the winner is:

Deborah Murphy Doughty!!

Here are all the pictures she had posted to the Zero Waste Lunch Pledge Group:

Comment from Deborah: "I take leftovers to work as often as possible and have some cut up veggies or fruit to go with it. Here I have rice in one container and an easy bean chili (a can of beans, tomatoes with hot peppers, corn, garlic, onions, cumin and chili) in another container. Carrots and a sliced avocado round out the meal. I also take snacks with me - an egg with spices for morning snack and an apple and walnuts (in the little woven container in the picture) for the afternoon. My Sigg water bottle goes everywhere with me, and I like to bring a cloth napkin as well. Metal forks and spoons are available at work. The water bottle and Tiffin are clipped together and the napkin holds the apple and walnuts tied to the top of the Tiffin. I put everything together the night before and refrigerate so I can grab it and go when I rush out of the house in the morning."

Congratulations Deborah!

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