Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gluten free lunch!

I've been gluten free and vegan for about a year now and loving it! My daughter's digestion has improved and no longer complains of tummy issues.

Here is a gluten free lunch that we had at the zoo.

My 3 year old is carrying her pink OM Goods bag with a 2 tier tiffin, utensils, cloth napkin and drink!

Shown below is the 2 tier tiffin with: 1st tier: hummus, apple slices, rice crackers and guacamole. I used the apple slices and to keep the rice crackers from getting soggy from the hummus and guac. I must say it held up nicely! 2nd tier: a clementine and almond butter and fruit preserve roll ups using blue corn tortillas. Really nice combo. The girls loved it! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charita, I just saw this. How clever. Looks like you had a yummy lunch!