Monday, September 1, 2008

Breakfast at the zoo

My 2 1/2 year old was very hungry when she woke up and wanted to go to the zoo. We try to go to the zoo 1-2 times a week since we are members and it's only 5 miles away from where we live. So I packed our 3 tier tiffin with breakfast food and headed out to the zoo!

Here's a picture of our lunch container wrapped in a cloth napkin using Furoshiki:

The cloth napkin helps insulate the tiffin lunchbox and you have a eco-friendly napkin to tote along too. It's very easy to tie furoshiki and you can be very creative and use your imagination.

From "Originating from Japanese culture where it promotes caring for the environment and reducing waste; Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Using techniques similar to origami, it can be used for gift wrapping, grocery shopping or simply as decor. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and designs to complement your lifestyle."

Here is how I tied it:

Then I added the spoon on top and voila! You have made a furoshiki tiffin!!

My 3 year old insists on eating her meal near the elephants. We found a nice shady table by the elephant mesa, laid out her breakfast and let her have at it! I love that stainless steel is so convenient for children and doesn't leach chemicals, BPA etc. like plastic does:

This is the 3-tier tiffin, it comes with 3 containers and 2 plates in between them. For breakfast, I packed, 2 organic hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, 3 clemintines, cubed organic raw cheese, carrot sticks, a handful of cashews, hulled pumkin seeds (pepitas) and raisins. Not shown is her klean kanteen sippy cup which I just love! I think I was one of klean kanteens first customers in 2003 when I bought my kanteen!

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