Monday, April 20, 2009

Papaya, Scones and more...

The large stainless steel food storage container is perfect for toting along your favorite cut-up fruit...we had some juicy papaya for breakfast at the coffee shop...Of course our breakfast wouldn't be complete w/ a scone and some yogurt!


Spicy Mama said...

The papayas look fantastic..perfect for a hot day.

Ioana Hojda said...

I must say that seeing your pictures reminded me of the way my grandmother used to pack the lunch for us when we went to make a remote romanian village. The tiffin! I forgot about it. We use to have porcelain coated 3 compartment one and the soup went on the bottom, then came the meat&sauce and the polenta on top. The bread, apples and tableware usually were "huged" in a large napkin. there was no need to carry the water, the springs are everywhere.
Thank you for sharing your green life, I feel inspired.